What is SIR?

 Welcome to a new and interesting segment of your life.

We invite you to take a look at the “What Is SIR” brochure.

We are retired and semi-retired men from all professions including business, science, engineering, and education. SIR was founded in 1958 for the enjoyment of retired men.  The SIR organization has 145 branches with nearly 18,000 members in Northern California,

We meet for a luncheon in Palo Alto once a month, to socialize with other members, enjoy good food and listen to an interesting speaker.  Also, as you can see on this website, there are lots of Activities our members participate in and enjoy.

The yearly dues are $25, that’s it!  Volunteers man all office and administrative positions.

If you would like to learn more and attend one of our luncheons (free to you), contact our Membership Director, Wayne Dexter, phone 650-941-8887 or email wayne.dexter@gmail.com and he will make the arrangements.

We look forward to seeing you.